A non-sales technique to fix your selling woes

An Inner Sanctum VIP posed the following problem to me during a Q&A call.

He was getting appointments but not closing many of them. After I asked some probing questions, we discovered that many of the prospects he talked to were unqualified. The truth is they shouldn’t have been on his calendar.

That’s the folly of using the number of leads and cost per lead as the primary metric to judge whether your lead generation marketing is effective.

A year or so ago, I worked with a Facebook marketing guy. He insisted that he was doing his job because we got opt-ins at a low cost per lead. The problem was that the leads weren’t converting into sales. So to fix the conversion problem, he wanted me to add upsells, order bumps, etc.

However, we discovered the problem when looking at who the leads were. I wanted leads consisting of people who sold professional services. But unfortunately, many of the leads he was generating fell more into the “biz op” space.

I prefer to invest more in generating high-quality leads than spend less and pollute my inbox with inferior leads. Quality over quantity is the key.

You will automatically close more sales by attracting a-level prospects without improving your selling skills one iota. Ideally, you want to attract better prospects and get better at closing them. Do that, and you’ll…

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Sometimes Less Is More” Dee

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