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You’re selling the wrong thing, grasshopper

So far, in this week’s mini-course, “The Five Biggest Mistakes Professionals Make When Speaking To Sell And How To Avoid Them, I’ve covered.

Mistake #1: Delivering Too Much Content

Mistake #2: Delivering The Wrong Type of Content

Today, we’re going to cover a mistake almost everyone selling professional services makes that costs them a ton of sales and a subtle distinction that fixes the problem.

Mistake #3: Selling Your Service Instead Of The Appointment

Burn this into your brain:

When speaking to sell, whether, in person or online, you want to design your presentation to sell your prospects on the benefits of meeting with you instead of trying to sell them on working with you.

Please read that again and let it sink in.

The goals of speaking to sell are:

  1. Position yourself as the preeminent authority in your target market.
  2. Get qualified prospects to schedule appointments with you.
  3. Pre-sell prospects on wanting to work with you.

You are not trying to sell your service during your talk. You sell your service when you meet with the prospect.

You want to “sell” the initial appointment during your presentation, even if the initial meeting is free.

Here is the subtle but all-important distinction I mentioned.

To motivate the prospect to want to meet with you first, you need to future-pace them, so they see the positive future state they’ll experience by doing business with you and the negative future state if they don’t do so business with you. BUT, when you close, you talk about the benefits and value of the first consultation.

What I just told you is a game-changer if you embrace it.

Tomorrow, I’ll cover what might be the single biggest mistake professionals mistake when speaking to sell. This is so bad that it’s almost sinful.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Sell The Right Thing” Dee

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