You can laugh at me, but I loved this movie

As a young girl, Kalia loved the book “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret” by Judy Blume. Kalia was excited to watch the movie version of the book.

Being the excellent husband I am, I told her I’d watch it with her. (As an aside, she refused to watch a movie I was excited to see: “Evil Dead Rise.”)

The book and the movie are geared towards girls and women, but I loved it. The acting was superb, and the multi-layer storylines were intriguing and created tension.

You can feel the positive and emotional states the characters go through and understand where they’re coming from, what they desire, and what transformations they want to occur in their lives.

Do you truly understand those things about your prospects? Can you describe their lives, fears, and desires? Do you know what they truly want so intimately that you can feel it even if you’re not one of them?

If you answered “yes,” start incorporating that knowledge into your marketing materials and sales presentations.

By doing so, you’ll create a deeper connection with your prospects, they will like you and trust you more, and you’ll increase your sales – all without spending more money on marketing.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Mr. Chick Flick” Dee

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