Word’s of wisdom from a very smart guy

I just got off a call with an Elite Private Client. He is a very successful attorney who is in the process of creating a passive income stream by starting an info-products business.

He told me something that I already knew, but it bears repeating. He said that most attornies don’t believe that they should have to do marketing and that somehow it’s beneath them. They thought that when they got their law degree, the DEEnero would start rolling in. They believe that if they are really good at the practice of law, they will be successful.

It’s not just attornies who think this way. Most people in professional practice have these same false beliefs that are holding them back.

Heck, way back when I was a magician, I thought the same thing. I’d practice, practice, practice, and figure if I got good, I’d be successful. It wasn’t until I understood that marketing and sales were the two most important functions of my business, that I changed my life forever. And, my destiny changed in just 90 days once I made this distinction.

Constant and neverending improvement in the area of marketing and sales is what’s going to change your business, regardless of what business you’re in.

Okay, it’s time for me to head out on this fine Saturday with Karen. She’s informed me that, “We have a lot to do today.” That sure doesn’t sound like fun. 🙂

Have a dynamite weekend.

Dave “The Dutiful Husband” Dee

P.S. On Monday, I’ll be telling you about something new I’m really excited about that is a huge benefit to you – especially if you’re interested in cranking up your sales and income.