Why I’m the WORST salesman ever

I suck at selling.

Heck, when I do a telephone strategy session with a client, I don’t even close over the phone. I send a follow-up email. I also tell my prospect that I want them to “think about it” before they decide to work with me. On top of all of that, if my prospect doesn’t respond to the email I send after the call, I don’t follow-up.

Yep, I’m the worst.

But then again, I do close $25,000 – $50,000 + deals all of the time and could do more of them if I wanted to make done-for-you work a major part of my business model which I definitely do not want to do.

So hold on there just a second! Maybe I’m not that bad at this whole selling thang.

Here’s the point, my fine feathered friend:

A lot of what is taught about selling is a bunch of crapola. The days of hardcore, arm-twisting closing techniques are over or at least they should be because you don’t need them.

Yes, I know some people make a lot of money using high-pressure closing techniques. There are boiler-room set-ups where their job is literally to extract every bit of money their prospects have left on their credit cards. YouTube videos show  “live” demos I super-salesman, closing sales over the phone using relentless sales techniques. But let me ask you this:

Is that really the type of business that you want to have? Do you really want to be a “hit and run salesperson?” Also, do you think it hurts or helps your positioning in the market if you use high-pressure sales techniques? Oh, and do you think that customers you need to coerce into buying your product or service are going end of being your best customers?

Don’t get me wrong. I am NOT saying you don’t need to sell and close. You absolutely do. If you don’t make sales, you don’t have a business. But you don’t have to be one of those salespeople that people, other than sales guru fanboys, despise.

A week from today, I’m going to be doing a live free training where I’ll teach you the coolest selling methodology on the planet that you’ll love…even if you hate selling.

Stay tuned, young squire.

Dave “Non-Selling Selling” Dee

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