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Coach | Speaker | Entertainer | Author

For the past 25 years, I've helped small business owners attract more clients and sell more of their services in less time and with less effort.

I started my business career as a professional magician and mind reader. I went from doing three shows a month to averaging 25 in less than 90 days when I discovered the art, science, and magic of marketing and sales.

As a result of that success, I started getting asked to speak at worldwide business conferences and tell my story.

But I quickly discovered I could make more money and help more people by selling my sales and marketing services instead of just teaching from the stage.

So, I developed a method for teaching excellent content that also sold my services.

I knew I'd created something special when I sold over $300,000 in just one hour at an event with only 100 people.

Although speaking in front of a live audience was effective, it needed to be more scalable.

My big breakthrough came when one of my mentors – a famous speaker, author, and marketing expert – asked me to create a "master class" (webinar) based on the presentation he used to sell his flagship product from the stage. (He had retired from the speaking circuit but still wanted to sell his program.)

The results amazed even me. We did $1.5 million in sales in under a year and a half from the master class I created.

Today, my wife and business partner Kalia and I help entrepreneurs get more clients and make more money by selling their services via my Master Class Client Attraction Model.

I'm also a co-founder and the Chief Marketing Officer of a specialty Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO), Practice Profit Systems; I wrote the book Sales Stampede: How To Get More Clients In One Hour Than You Now Do All Month and created a motivational mentalism show titled, "Intuition: A Miracle" that I perform at business conferences worldwide.

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Dave Dee

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