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Where’s the refrigerator?

A couple of weeks ago, I was in South Carolina helping my good friend and private client Michael Rozbruch with his three-day virtual event, which ended up being a seven-figure payday for the Roz Man.

The hotel that we stayed in was right around the corner from the studio. Although it wasn’t luxurious, it was clean and quiet.

At first, Michael wasn’t pleased with the accommodations because he couldn’t find the refrigerator. He looked and looked, but it was nowhere to be found. Here is a picture of the room that his wife and partner Roslyn sent to me. See if you can spot the fridge.

Yep, the Roz Man couldn’t find the refrigerator that was hidden in plain sight.

By the way, he asked Rosyln not to tell anyone, so she promptly texted a bunch of us, and now I’m sharing the story with thousands of DEEmail subscribers. ūüôā

Michael couldn’t see it because although he thought he was looking for it, his mind was focused on the virtual event. He had tunnel vision, which is good in this instance.

Tunnel vision is also excellent when working on an important project instead of multi-tasking. It’s for this reason that time management methods like the¬†Pomodoro Technique¬†are popular. I set a timer for 50 minutes and work, head-down on a single project.

On the other hand, tunnel vision can also be a detriment to business growth, especially when we are consumed by working in our business instead of on it. This is particularly true with service-based businesses. We get new clients and need to do the work, so we neglect to bring in new clients. Then we finish work with our clients and need to scramble to get new clients.

That’s why you need an automated way to¬†attract¬†prospects and get¬†qualified,¬†pre-sold¬†ones to set appointments with you. That way, you keep your pipeline full at all times.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Tunnel Vision” Dee

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