What you should be doing today

What are you doing today that's going to increase your sales? If you tell me you're going to get better at your craft or improve your product, you're kidding yourself, mi amigo.  

You've heard the joke about a NYC tourist asking a violinist, "How to do you get to Carnegie Hall?" with answer being, "Practice." The problem is, getting good is only one part of the moneymaking equation and NOT the biggest part.

When I was a young pup and trying to make a name for myself as a magician, I would spend hours practicing and rehearsing my show. Hey, if I got really good, I would be rich and famous, right? Wrong, bucko!

I didn't start making real money until I started focusing the majority of my time on sales and marketing. I changed my mindset from be a practitioner of my craft to a master marketer and salesman of my craft. That shift changed everything.

Let me tell you something else, although becoming a great marketer was mega important, learning how to close deals was even BIGGER than that.

Tomorrow we'll get more into that and I share with you what you should be doing, that you're probably not, that will help you close sales like crazy.

But let me you again, what are you doing TODAY to increase sales?

Kick butt, make mucho "DEEnero!"

Dave "Truth Teller" Dee