What the duck?

Last night, Karen and I tried this little French restaurant.

When we pulled up, we wondered if it was open. It looked pretty desolate. But, being the trooper that we are, we ventured inside.

When you walk into the door, the first thing you see is an EMPTY dessert case. Not good.

We’re seated, and in less than a second, a waitress pounces on us asking what we’d like to drink. “I haven’t had a chance to look at the wine list, but we take some water to start,” I reply.

I perused the wine list which surprisingly had little French wine, but I did find a bottle of Bordeaux and ordered it.

The waitress brought the wine and asked me if I wanted to taste it. I did and said it was fine. She then proceeds to pour me a glass of the wine, momentarily ignoring my gorgeous date.

I asked, “Would you like a little waiting tip? Always pour the ladies wine first.” I’m not sure she took my advice to heart.

“What would you like for dinner?”, she asks us. “Um, we would like to see menus before we order,” we tell her.

The menus arrive, we look them over, and ask, “What are your specials?” “Don’t, know. Let me go look at the board in the front,” was her response.

Anyway, we order escargot as an appetizer and Karen orders soup, and then a GREEK salad as an entree. (Yes, a Greek salad at a French restaurant.) I ordered the duck.

Well, the appetizers, salad, and soup all arrive at the same time. And it went on and on throughout the night. She brought us our check before telling us about dessert; she forgot to add the grilled chicken to the salad, etc., etc.

Do I blame the waitress? Nope. I blame the owner. It’s his job to train his team. It’s his job to choreograph how he wants each guests’ experience to be. It’s his job to teach his wait staff how to sell and upsell.

I guess that this little restaurant will be shutting it’s doors for good soon.

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