What never to test in your presentation

You’ve heard it over and over that you need to test. And in most cases, that’s correct. In fact, I’m doing a split test right now on my new website. (I’ll tell you about the early results in a minute. It’s interesting.)

But there is something that you should never test in your sales presentation. If you do, you are bound to fail unless you get extremely lucky.

I’m talking about new, under rehearsed material.

Once you’ve done your signature talk for a while, you are going to get bored with it and want to change parts of it simply for variety sake. Of course, your audience will be seeing your presentation for the first time so it will be new to them but old to you.

If you have a winning presentation be very reluctant to test anything new and if you do, make sure you have it well rehearsed.

I learned this the hard way when I was a professional mentalist. Every time I tested a new routine in my show that wasn’t really rehearsed, it didn’t go well. I got to the point where my show was so “tight” that I didn’t add any new material. Why? Because the show worked like a well-oiled machine.

I am not saying not to test new things in your presentation. When you are building and perfecting it, testing is mission critical. Just make sure when you test new things, you have rehearsed them. Additionally, find a place where you can be bad.

One of my favorite movies is a documentary titled Comedian starring Jerry Seinfeld. It chronicles his comeback to stand-up comedy. You see him working his new material at open mic nights and bombing. He is doing this to test his material and find what works before he’s foisted on the HBO stage.

If I have a big presentation to do, I like to test it before a smaller audience before I “go live” with it when it really counts.

But once I get the presentation working, I stop testing and do it the same way every time. If I don’t and test something new so I’m not bored, my sales decrease.

Bg question for you to answer:

Have you changed something that was working for you and it’s no longer working? A smart test would be to go back to the original and see what happens.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “To Test or Not To Test” Dee

P.S. Almost forgot to tell you about the split test I’m running on davedee.com. I recently had a beautiful new website created. The home page has a video and looks great. I decided to split test that against a very simple, text only, landing page and see which would get more opt-ins. So far, the simple page is crushing the fancier page. It’s early yet but I kind of already know what the results are going to be.

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