What chicks and prospects don’t dig

Today, Uncle Dave, in his infinite wisdom, is going to teach you not only how to TURN OFF women but prospects as well. Consider this message a public service for both men and women.

The fastest way to turn off either of the two groups mentioned about is by being needy. Women are especially attune to this and will at first become instantly lose any attraction for a needy dude. Of course he thinks there is something wrong with her and will tell friends she's a beeatch. No dude, it's your neediness that's the problemo.

If you're doing a presentation and you NEED to make the sale, your audience will sell your desperation from a mile away. Instead of running to the back table with order forms in hand, they'll simply run for hills.

My luck with women dramatically changed when I amped up my confidence level and, quite frankly, didn't care whether a woman didn't dig me – which, of course, was very rare.  😉

My sales dramatically increased in the same way. By increasing my confidence and not caring too much whether I made the sale, my audiences wanted what I was selling. And because I was making more sales and money, I actually didn't have a need and thus, my sales increased even more.

"But, Dave, what if I really do need to make the sale?", I hear some readers crying out.

Good news. There is a solution that I'll reveal tomorrow.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave "The Relationship Guru" Dee

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