I Want To Say The Worst, Naughtiest Things

You ever work so hard you start getting loopy?

Well, I’m there.

Today, I recorded the video sales letter for the webcast I’m doing to tomorrow, recorded an entire training session and planned the actual webcast – actually, there’s still work to do on that bad boy.

Because of this, I asked Johanna, one of the hardest working team members and product creation wiz, to come up with my subject line. She’s fried too and said, “I don’t know. I just want to say the worst, naughtiest things.”

Ba-Boom, little did she know that I would use that as the subject line.

Obviously it worked because you’re reading this now.

Here’s the point of my rambling:

When you are doing a webcast or webinar, you MUST have an intriguing, powerful opening to your presentation. Just as you need an intriguing subject line. People will judge you and decide whether to continue watching within seconds.

But, you do not have to do the opening yourself. In fact, having a host of the “show” do it is often better. Having a host say the right things and then introduce you builds your “star status.”

Tomorrow, Mike Stodola will be doing that for me. So right now, we’re going to get a couple glasses of wine and script out that opening.

Hmm, maybe the wine isn’t a good idea considering the state I’m in. Yeah, sure it is!

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Give Me Two Glasses of Red” Dee

P.S. Watching the webcast tomorrow should be a high-priority for you. I’m going to teach you a little-know method for becoming the go-to business in your target market in 45 days or less for $3 or less a lead. Plus, I’m going to give you a very cool template you can use to generate leads immediately. Save yourself a spot here.