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Wait a minute

This week I’ve been talking about how to close high-ticket sales with a no-pressure approach.

An Inner Sanctum VIP commented that he couldn’t use an email to close high-ticket sales because he has a sales team and that they need to close over the phone because they would do a weak sales presentation and default to sending out the email.

That indicates that his consultation process needs revamping. With that said, the structure of the email I send after an initial call with a prospect is the same as if I was to verbally make the offer.

Selling is selling is selling. The psychology is the same.

Speaking of psychology…

Never tell the prospect that you’re going to email them a “proposal.” Not only does the word “proposal” sound week, but it also leaves the door open for the prospect to send you a counter-proposal.

No. You are sending your prospect an “action plan,” or “package options” that will help them reach their goals.

That might seem like a minor point, but the language you use matters a lot.

So, stop making proposals. Start sending actions plans that outline the solutions you’ll implement to solve your prospect’s problems.

Closing over the phone?

Do the same thing.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Mr. Sales Psychology” Dee

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