If you sell professional services and are good at what you do, becoming an Inner Sanctum VIP can help you…


If you’re looking for bright shiny new objects that promise results with no effort, this is NOT for you. However, if you’re serious about growing your business and willing to implement proven strategies, most people in your industry will never know; you can potentially make a lot more money.


Dear Friend,

If you’d like a constant stream of new clients and increase your income without having to work harder, and even possibly even work less, this will be one of the most important letters you’ll ever read.

Here’s the why...

I’m inviting you to become an Inner Sanctum VIP and discover insider secrets to get more appointments with prospective clients who want to work with you.

As an Inner Sanctum VIP, you receive a monthly Masterclass about one-to-many selling to generate leads and turn those leads into appointments with qualified prospects pre-sold on working with you. Topics include marketing with webinars, in-person group presentations, email, online video, and more.

You get each Masterclass via video in the Inner Sanctum VIP online portal, in print sent to you via first-class mail, and as an mp3 version to listen on the go.

"I sit like a dog at the mailbox panting for the next masterclass in print to arrive."

Scott Kilpatrick // Inner Sanctum VIP from Australia

As an Inner Sanctum VIP, my goal is to help you…

Get More Clients In The Fastest, Most Efficient &
Effective Way Possible…Without Spending More Money On Marketing

You’ll exponentially increase your income if you get more appointments with qualified prospects without increasing your advertising spend. And, if you can fill your calendar with less effort, so much the better. Right?

The Inner Sanctum VIP monthly Masterclass delivers actionable strategies that “experts” from your industry are unaware of. As you know, your most significant breakthroughs will almost always come from outside your industry. Each Masterclass will give you a competitive advantage that will quickly produce results you can see in your bank account.

Plus, as an Inner Sanctum VIP, you get privileges and benefits outsiders don’t have access to, including my online course:

The Three Most Effective Types Of Webinars For
Attracting A Never-Ending Flow Of New Clients

This “secret” course is exclusively available to Inner Sanctum VIPs. I created it from a pricey live seminar I conducted. If I were to sell the course, it would command at least $497. But it’s not available for sale at any price.

In this course, I reveal step-by-step strategies coupled with real-world examples of using three different forms of webinars to get more leads and convert them into appointments.

Most entrepreneurs only know about “traditional” webinars, and even then, they don’t truly understand how to maximize their effectiveness. You’ll not only discover how to make “standard” webinars produce superior results, but you’ll also learn about two additional types of webinars that are, quite frankly, easier to implement. These two webinars combined with a souped-up traditional webinar create a potent client-getting trifecta.

"The techniques that Dave Dee exposes and reveals are ones I've personally relied on to make billions for my clients... that I've relied on to sell more than a million dollars of my programs from the stage each year as a speaker. Anyone should pay any price to get trained to use these secrets.”

Dan Kennedy // The Godfather of Marketing

Here’s a sample of what you’ll discover inside the course:

  • Why webinars are your best tool for converting prospects into appointments. (Admittedly, this section is a bit self-serving. I want to get you fired up about implementing what I teach because I know if you do, it’ll more than pay a lifetime Inner Sanctum VIP membership - possibly in the first month you implement what I teach you.)
  • An overview of the three types of webinars and how they go together like a money-making peanut butter and jelly sandwich. (Using the three types of webinars in conjunction will deliver new clients to you more consistently than anything else you’ve ever experienced.)
  • The fundamental structure of all three types of webinars is the single differencing factor between them. (You’ll also learn my revised and simplified eight-point “webinars that sell” structure that makes creating webinars that turn prospects into appointments a breeze.)
  • How to create a “micro-webinar” in less than 30 minutes that both your prospects and clients will attend in droves. (Two points here. First, if you’re not nurturing your clients, one of your competitors will be. That’s why you want to deliver quality information to prospects and clients. Second, a micro-webinar takes less than 30 minutes to create and is only half an hour long. Even mildly interested prospects will invest half an hour to get quality information, meaning you’ll have the opportunity to get more people to schedule appointments.)
  • Precisely what should be on the last slide of your webinar to ensure maximum conversions.
  • The ultra-simple and highly effective micro-webinar email marketing campaign. (The entire campaign consists of only super-simple four emails but works like gangbusters!)
  • The simple mind-shift change that will unleash your power to close sales like magic. (This is the biggest game-changer for many people that turns mediocre selling to unstoppable sales success.)
  • How to use short-form recorded webinars as the ultimate “lead generation magnet.” (Imagine having a 17-minute webinar producing high-quality leads for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on autopilot. You’ll discover exactly how to do that.)
  • A deep-dive examination of a short-form webinar I created for a private client that sells a complicated, high-ticket offer. You’ll see how the webinar gets prospects excited about the service, gets them to trust my client, positions my client as the go-to expert, and creates the desire for the prospect to set up an appointment to learn more about the service - all in less than 17 minutes.
  • An ultra-simple strategy to get maximum value from every webinar you do with literally no extra effort. (You are leaving easy money on the table by not knowing this strategy.)
  • How to get appointments with prospects who do NOT attend your webinar. (Hint: this has nothing to do with running a replay.)
  • The easy hack for finding out what topics your prospects are interested in. (The hotter your topic, the more leads you’ll generate and the more clients you’ll get.)
  • And, last but not least, you’ll discover how to integrate all three types of webinars into your monthly marketing plan for maximum effectiveness.

Naturally, I can’t promise this, but combining the three types of webinars into your marketing mix could DOUBLE the appointments you get with people interested in working with you.

In addition to the monthly Masterclass and the online bonus course, here are additional perks you receive.

  • Live access to me every month. Once a month, I do a live Q&A session via Zoom exclusively for Inner Sanctum VIPs. You can ask me questions about one-to-many selling, consultative sales, prospecting, business building, or any other business or personal development topic I’m qualified to answer.
  • Inner Sanctum VIP Michael DeLon reported that one piece of advice I gave him during a Q&A session resulted in six clients at $20,500 each for a total of $123,000 in sales the following week. 
  • Discounts on most of my products and services. You’ll receive secret promo codes throughout the year that give you a better deal than outsiders.
  • Bonus interviews. I’m fortunate to be friends with many highly successful entrepreneurs who are experts in areas that I’m not. So, periodically I’ll have Inner Sanctum VIP only bonus sessions on vital business-building topics outside my areas of expertise.

The investment to be an Inner Sanctum VIP is $97 a month. That's a "whopping" $3.23 a day. You can't even buy a specialty coffee drink for less than that. By the way, I use the word "investment" intentionally because you should easily make at least 100 times back you’re monthly investment by applying the strategies I give you.

By selecting the annual membership option at $970, you save money by getting two months of Inner Sanctum VIP for free. You also get an additional online course titled:

The Script: The Secret For Closing High Ticket Sales With Ease

In this online course, you get my multi-million dollar sales script you can use to close more sales during your consultations. Plus, for the first time, I analyze each section of the script, so you understand the psychology behind it. That makes internalizing the script easier and allows you to experience its sales closing power quicker.

How well does this script work? Here’s what Randy Clinkscales wrote:

“I watched “Meet and Greet.” Then, per your instructions, I wrote on notecards: “Three Affirmative Questions,” “Before Meeting Thoughts,” and then “Opening Script.” I followed them almost exactly.

Before I share the results, let me explain my practice. I am an elder law attorney but focus on life care planning.

So go back to yesterday. Husband has dementia and is in a nursing home; wife is fairly healthy, living at home. I followed the three cards and then said the open script card, with the last part, “I don’t know if I’m the right choice for you.” She“Oh, you are the right choice.” !!

 We when through the meeting. I offered to do a plan for her husband’s lifetime for $13,900; for both their lifetime for $15,900. They took me by surprise: they wanted the $15,900 package, plus wanted to prepay 5 years of maintenance ($12,000). They wrote me the biggest check I’ve received in my practice: $27,900.

Since following your script, I’ve closed 26 sales out of 26 appointments!

Randy Clinkscales// Inner Sanctum VIP

The Script is super simple to modify and, quite frankly, should be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you throughout your career.

I can tell you that “The Script: The Secret For Closing High Ticket Sales With Ease” is worth far more than the annual Inner Sanctum VIP investment. Closing one additional sale pays for a lifetime membership for most people! Look at Randy. By following the script, he paid for over 27 years of Inner Sanctum VIP with a single sale!

As with the other bonus, this online course is not available for sale at any price. The only way to get it is by selecting the annual Inner Sanctum VIP option below.

Important: There are no refunds on membership dues. The Inner Sanctum VIP program and bonus courses are too valuable to give away to freebie seekers.

But there’s no pressure for you to continue, and you can cancel whenever you want, no questions asked.

With that said, if someone leaves the Inner Sanctum, they're locked out forever.

While that might sound like a harsh policy, I only want members committed to their success and not people who jump from one shiny new object to the next hoping to become successful by pressing some mythical “easy button.”

So if you’re not willing to invest about an hour of a month watching, listening to, or reading the masterclass, and then implement the strategies I share with you, being an Inner Sanctum VIP is not for you.

Inner Sanctum VIP Dan Cuprill gives insight into what I’m talking about when he wrote,

“Previously, the way we primarily recruited was to host a two-day live event. Expensive, to say the least. And time-consuming.

Earlier in the year, I posted the webinar I created using Dave's "one to many formats." I tried to match it as close to the template as possible. To say it’s working would be a massive understatement. Since I started using it about six weeks ago, it's already brought in more new clients than our previous intensive last fall. We’re bringing them in now at a rate of one per week.

I doubt we'll do another live selling event again. 

This video, coupled with a daily email (another Dr. Dee idea) has skyrocketed our results.”

Dan Cuprill // Inner Sanctum VIP

Dan is someone who takes action on the strategies I teach him, and, as a result, he’s reaping the benefits.

Same with Inner Sanctum VIP, Vance Morris who reports:

“And the results are in... I did my first "micro-webinar" following Dr. Dee's system. 57 registered, 39 showed up, 7 people bought. 3 more bought on the replay

Just listen to the good doctor and do what he says."

Vance Morris // Inner Sanctum VIP

As an aside, I’m not a real doctor, nor do I play one on the Internet. :)

Here’s the bottom line:

While there’s no long-term commitment to Inner Sanctum VIP, you need to be committed to growing your business. The folks who follow through on what I teach get results. Those who won’t implement shouldn’t join. It’s that simple.

The decision is yours. If you’d like to join us, I’d love to welcome you into the Inner Sanctum VIP family.

You’ll get instant access to the course, “The Three Most Effective Types Of Webinars For Attracting A Never Ending Flow Of New Clients.”

If you select the annual option, you’ll also get two months of Inner Sanctum VIP for free and the additional bonus course, “The Script: The Secret For Closing High Ticket Sales With Ease.”

You’ll receive your first Masterclass on the next scheduled release date, which is always on the first of the month at noon ET.

Click the button below to join us.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave Dee

P.S. Here are answers to questions I get asked a lot.

I sell business to business. Will this work for me?

100%, yes it will. I sell business to business and use all the strategies I teach to my Inner Sanctum VIPs

I sell to consumers. Will this work for me?

Yes, if you sell a professional service and not consumer goods.

Do I get access to the previous masterclasses?

After a masterclass is released, it's no longer available. However, typically once a year, I open up the vault and let VIPs purchase previous masterclasses. 

Do you accept PayPal?

We do not.

Do you offer a low-priced trial membership like other “gurus”?

First, I don’t consider myself to be a guru. I’m an entrepreneur who owns several successful businesses, and I like teaching what I know to other motivated business owners. Second, the monthly benefits are too valuable to give away for free, so I decided not to offer a trial. 

Why can’t I rejoin if I decide to leave the Inner Sanctum temporarily?

There are two reasons I permanently lock the doors on someone when they cancel. 

First, I only want to work with entrepreneurs committed to growing their businesses. If my style isn’t for someone and they want to leave, that’s cool, but there’s no second chance.

Second, each Masterclass is worth far more than the monthly investment. If I were to sell the Masterclasses separately, which I don’t, I would charge at least $297 for each one. It’s unfair to other VIPs or me to let people come and go and pick up masterclasses at severely discounted prices.

If you have additional questions, email me at dave@davedee.com, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.