Trump is blowing it

Today we continue our series of the steps I’m taking for the big  live event on Tuesday and it ties in directly to how The Donald is blowing it.

A recent Fox News poll, shows that Trump has fallen 10 percentage points behind Hillary. Good grief, lord knows it’s not because Clinton is a good candidate so there has to be another reason. Here it is:

Trump prides himself on not doing scripted presentations. He loves to speak off the cuff. Well, sometimes that works but most of the times it doesn’t. And recently, it hasn’t been working for him.

From the “$400 million to Iran” faux paux to the error of lashing out at the parents of a fallen soldier, Trumps extemporaneous comments are killing him.

Advice to the Republican Nominee:

Use planned presentations if you want to sell the American people on the idea that you should be president. If you’re really smart, you’ll plan your “off the cuff comments.”

And make no mistake about it. He is selling on this biggest platform there is.

Just yesterday, I finished writing a 369 slide video sales letter.  I’m not going to read it word for word, obviously, BUT I will have the structure and major points I need to hit on scripted and planned.

On Tuesday morning, I will rehearse my presentation so the thousands of people who will be watching will know that it is professional planned but it won’t sound canned.

Your big piece of advice for the day is this:

Plan out your online presentations, whether they’re in webinar form or live video broadcasts, word for word. Better yet, do it in the form of a video sales letter. By doing so, you’re killing two birds with one stone.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Trump Should Ask For My Help” Dee