Tricky sales stuff

I woke up earlier than usual today, and I was excited about getting to work.

There is so much great stuff going on, including the long-awaited launch of my book Sales Stampede. I’ll be sending you more info about that soon.

But today I want to talk to you about something that at first glance might seem unusual coming from me, and it’s this:

My “Psychic Sales” program contains an arsenal of subliminal sales techniques, hypnotic language patterns, NLP, covert persuasion, and the like.

And there’s no question; this system will take your sales game to a new level of effectiveness and put a lot more DEEnero in your pocket.

But the truth is the powerful “techniques” and sales systems I teach need to be built on a strong foundation of belief and caring for you to experience maximum growth.

You need to have an unwavering, unshakeable belief in what you’re selling and in yourself. Without that, your sales will limp along.

You also much deeply care about getting your prospects the results they are looking for. I’m talking about an ardent desire to help them. Without that, you become nothing more than a pitchman on the hunt for your next dollar.

Sure, you can trick your “audience” into believing that you care and make a lot of sales – one time. But forget about long term customer value. Forget about referrals.

Belief in yourself, belief in your product to deliver results, and caring about your prospect, is the foundation that effective selling is built upon.

Then, when you lay the “tricky, cool stuff” on top of that foundation, the sky is limit regarding the sales and income you can achieve.

As always, kemosabe, it’s fundamentals first.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Truth Teller” Dee

P.S. If you ardently believe in what you’re selling and want to positively impact more customers, clients or patients with your product or service, then my “7 Figure Sales Presentation Template” will help your sales to soar. Get it here.