Touch me

Okay, you’ve done your online event and you’ve crushed. Sales are rolling in and now you have a slew of new customers. What do you do next?

Most business owners make a huge mistake at this point and it costs them a lot of DEENero, namely:

Not staying in touch with their clients.

Here’s the deal: You need to be contacting your clients  at LEAST once a month and better yet, once a week.

I can hear some subscribers saying, “Sounds good, Dave but that will cost big bucks.” Oh, contraire, mi amigo. It’ll make you big bucks. You’ll get more repeat business, more new business and more referrals than you can possibly imagine.

So how do you stay in contact once a week without it costing you a fortune? Here’s a sample campaign:

Week One: Send a four page printed newsletter. I’ve talked about this before but the newsletter needs to be fun!

Week Two: Mail a postcard. The postcard could have a simple tip for leading a better life or some other personal development information.

Week Three: An email newsletter. (Your cost? Nada.)

Week Four: Another postcard. This postcard would have a holiday theme for the month. Example: October would be Halloween. July would be Independence Day.


Do this and you’ll dramatically increase the lifetime value of your customers and by doing so, make your online events even more profitable.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Touch Me In The Morning” Dee