This company blows chunks

So yesterday, I had the “pleasure” of calling Comcast (aka “Xfinity.”)


Well it seems that they instituted a new policy I was unaware of. In certain states they are limiting the number of gigs you can use with your Internet service to 300. After that, they start charging you more.

Hmm. That wasn’t the dealio when I signed up. And they sure didn’t make a big effort to alert me of this new policy.

After being on hold for a long time, I get connected with “Julie.” Um, of her name was really Julie, I’m the President of India – if you catch my drift.

“Julie’s” accent was so strong I honestly had trouble understanding what she was saying. It didn’t help that the call SOUNDED like it was long distance call from the 1940’s.

THEN, just when she is about to tell me why I am being charged extra, guess what happens. Yep…we’re disconnected. Oh, I was using a Comcast phone line, in case you were wondering.

Other than venting, what is my point?

Your customer service can make or break you.

In the restaurant biz, they talk about the “front of the house” and the “back of the house.” You can have the best chef on the planet (back of the house) but if the waiters (front of the house) suck, people won’t come back.

When is the last time YOU mystery shopped your customer service?

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Buh, bye Comcast” Dee