And then it really hit me…

Yesterday afternoon, the wife and I hopped in the car. and headed to Whole Foods to pick-up our Thanksgiving dinner order. Yes, we’re one of those people who want to get everything pre-made and handed to us in a big box.

After sitting at the coffee bar with a nice espresso, Karen with a cappuccino, we started walking around the store and then it really hit me:

The massive abundance we are blessed to have in this great country.

From the hundreds of different wines, to an overflowing food bar, to the mountains of produce – wow.

I said to Karen, “Can you imagine if someone from a third world country or a communist country saw this? They would be in awe.” Heck, I was in awe.

As we spend time with our families this Thanksgiving, let us truly feel gratitude and thanks. Let it wash over you and overtake you. If you aren’t living in the States, do the same.

As we strive for more, let’s be thankful for all we currently have.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Dave “I’m blessed” Dee