The Szechuan way to attract more clients

I love Chinese food; that’s the real deal, and I loathe the American version.

I went to a restaurant with four different intestine dishes on the menu. I wanted to order one, but Kalia gave me a solid “no.” 🙂

It seems that the marketing world is becoming less and less authentic while gurus are virtue-signaling just how authentic they are. When you see that, you can make a safe bet that they aren’t practicing what they preach.

To attract more raving fan clients, show them who you truly are. Don’t just spout out facts, figures, and content designed to show how smart you are. Rather, in your videos, emails, ads, etc., let your true personality shine through. Tell personal stories, relay your life experiences, and be who you are.

Yes, there needs to be a payoff for the viewer, meaning you need to deliver a message with value. But just giving hardcore content isn’t enough. People do not lack information. They lack people who are authentic and who they can trust.

Be that person for them; you’ll generate a steady stream of clients over time.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Mouth On Fire” Dee

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