The pitch, no pitch closing strategy

I just finished up a two-day marketing implementation bootcamp. I love conducting those because it gives me a chance to do some in-depth depth teaching and sell a handful of outstanding products.

One of which is the product that changed my entire life: “Magnetic Marketing.” The truth is over 95% of the people in the room already own it but I’m on a mission to get 100% of the people to have it. Hey, is is THAT important.

I rarely miss my goal. In all seriousness, almost everyone who doesn’t own it, walks out of the event with it. What’s cool is I don’t actually pitch it in the traditional sense.

Yes, I have a complete presentation that follows my formula but I quickly flip through it and show the slides very quickly telling the audience, “I don’t want to do a hardcore pitch. I just want to talk to you about it.” I tell them I’m not going to do a sales presentation but, in fact, I they see the entire presentation.

Then, I speak from the heart about the product and how it transformed me, give the audience a special one-time price and tell them to go to the back of the room and get it now.

You might be wondering, “Why don’t you do this for all your presentations?” The main reason is the “Magnetic Marketing” sale is set up the entire first morning. I tell my story and then I teach for three hours before I ever offer the product.

Additionally, the social proof is hard to beat. I have a roomful of people who already own it and love it who all raise their hands. If you’re one of the few folks who doesn’t own it, you feel like you’re missing out.

It’s for those reasons and others that the pitch, no pitch close works so well. If you find yourself in a situation where all the elements are right, you might want to try it.

Something you definitely should do is watch the killer 5 hour online  teaching event Dan Kennedy and I did where we created the NEW Magnetic Marketing. You get to watch the entire thing for nothing.

Let me be clear, you will be seeing exactly what you would get if you watched the DVDs that came with the product.

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Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “My Voice Is Shot” Dee