The Key To Closing More Sales

In traditional sales training a lot of time is spent on the close.

You are taught "tricky" ways to get the customer to "sign on the dotted line."

Yes, the close is critically important. If you don't close the sale, you don't put any "DEE-nero" in the ole bank account. And as Zig Ziglar points out, "Timid salespeople have skinny kids."

The problem is the close is over-emphasized in most sales training programs and the techniques are pushy and feel unnatural.

The real secret to closing the sale is knowing your prospect on such a deep leve that you can provide them with real  solutions to their problems.

If you find out what you're prospect really wants and you can give it to her, you don't need any gimmicky closing techniques.

Kick butt, make much DEE-nero!

Dave Dee

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