The Godfather Method

I love the first two Godfather flicks. Whenever they are on TV, I stop and watch them.

One of my favorite scenes is when Michael is explaining to Kay about how his father once made another businessman “an offer he couldn’t refuse.” You can watch that one minute clip here.

Creating an irresistible offer is mission critical to your sales success. The key word is “irresistible.” Most business owners fall way short of that and opt for uninspiring, mundane offers everyone else in their industry is making. It is classic, “monkey see, monkey do marketing.”

Another ginourmous mistake is thinking because you’re offering something for “free” creating an irresistible offer isn’t important.

You see this a lot with service professionals. The financial advisor, estate planning attorney, etc. offers a “free initial consultation” and thinks prospects will be pounding down their door. Alert! There is no shortage of those types of offers your prospects can take advantage of.

I’ve done a lot of work with estate planning attorneys. One of my most successful campaigns centered around turning the lawyer into the “romance director” in their market area for Valentine’s month. (Yeah, I turned it into an entire month.)

Part of the offer was when a couple came in for an initial consultation, they received a certificate for a romantic dinner for two at a local Italian restaurant – whether they engaged the attorney or not. There was no obligation. It was the classic, but underused, gift with appointment offer.

Today, take a look at your offers. Are you really making offers your prospects and customers can’t refuse. If not, how can you make them so?

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Don Vito” Dee