The dirty truth about “closers”

I’m on a plane flying to speak, emcee, and help close a high-ticket program with a client during his three-day virtual event.

It got me thinking about a speaker who closes from the platform like nobody’s business. He creates a stampede to the back of the room so powerful it’s almost as if someone yelled, “FIRE!”

People line up ten deep with credit cards, clamoring to buy whatever he’s selling. This guy is almost always the top-selling speaker at every event.

It’s a thing of beauty to behold…on the surface.

But when you look deeper, it gets ugly.

The only promoters who have him come back are hit-and-run guys whose only concern is sucking as much money out of the room as possible and quickly getting out of Dodge.

You see, our killer closer will say ANYTHING to make the sale. He’ll promise the moon. He’ll bully audience members to get a laugh or make a point. He’ll continue pitching long after he’s off the stage and even during a fellow speaker’s presentation.

As for referrals? Forget about it. He is a “take the money and run” guy. No doubt, he takes a lot of money, but he’s got to run here, there, and everywhere to get more.

You don’t want to be THAT guy, do you?

I believe in ethical persuasion. Yes, I want to close as many sales as I can. Yes, I want to create a stampede at the back of the room, my online order form, or my online calendar- which happens almost every time I speak to sell onstage or online.

But I also want to create a customer who will send me referrals, buy the next thing I’m selling, and the thing after that.

You can crush it and leave Dodge not only with bags full of money or your calendar filled with appointments but with customers who will pay, stay and refer.

Kick butt, make mucho “DEEnero!”

Dave “Don’t Be That Guy” Dee

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