The Dark Recesses Of Your Audience’s Mind

This might shock you, especially if you know me personally…

I went on a 20 mile bike up the California coastline yesterday. The wife loves to do that kind of stuff and, well, sometimes you need to do what the wife loves to do. Am I right my brothers and sisters?

While peddling, peddling and peddling some more, I got to thinking about the key to making your audience CRAVE what it is you’re selling and what it takes to make your audience nearly powerless to resist what you’re offering.

Sure, you need to have a well-crafted sales presentation but there is so much more to it than just that.

You need to understand your prospect and know what is going on in their mind at a very deep level. This is what my “Psychic Selling” is all about.

Most people don’t know squat about what their audience really wants and what they are really thinking. They don’t know what they fear, what keeps them up at night or what they desire on the deepest levels.

This is the starting point for effective selling and why the first part of my System goes into great depth about this.

There is a complete workshop I take my students through but let me give you a little piece of it right now. Just answer the the question I’m about to pose, could dramatically improve the results you get from your sales presentations. Here it is;

How would your ideal prospect finish this sentence as it relates to your product or service?

“If I could just _____________.”

The keyword is “just.”

The person who is thinking about buying a course about starting an online business is NOT saying, “If I could just make a million dollars a year, I’d be happy.” He is saying, “If I could just make enough money so I could quit my lousy job, I’d be happy.”

How would your audience fill the blank. Write down your answer.

Now look at your sales presentation. Does what you’re saying match up with what your prospect desires?

This is just the beginning of creating a irresistible presentation. Tomorrow, I’ll give you question that will help you go deeper into your prospects mind than ever before.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Tired Legs” Dee