The $40 Cigar and the $100,000 Ring

San Francisco is cold and I have never seen more homeless people begging for money in my entire life.

If you have never visited the “city by the bay”, you can’t imagine how many beggars there are. It’s sad and at the same time obnoxious. The local government has made San Francisco a haven for these folks. (Don’t get me wrong, I do feel for many of these people, especially the older women, and I gave away a lot of dee-nero yesterday to these poor souls, but it is still way over the top.)

I’m here with Alexis while she attends the BlogHer conference. I went to an after hour party with her last night and the estrogen level in the room was off the charts! Today, I’m hiding away in my room and writing copy. (I might go for a testosterone shot, just as a pre-cautionary measure!)

Last night, while Alexis was at a ladies only event, I walked around San Francisco and stopped off in a very cool wine shop that also sold cigars. I saw what looked like some fine cigars but was steered away from them by the shop owner to more of the name brand ones.

I said, “Whoa! What about those in that case case?” He said, “Oh, those are pre-embargo Monte Cristos and they are really expensive.”

Of course, now my ego kicks in and I really want one. “Well, how much is ‘really expensive’, ” I ask.

“Forty bucks a stick, ” he replies.

“I’ll take one, ” I say.

Now the shop owner is starts talking to me about all the great wines he has, that he ships, about his wine cellar and asks me if I want to go on a tour. Starts telling me about one of his customers who just spent $6,000 on wine. Do you see what he did?

He did a masterful job of take away selling on the cigars. He played to my ego by telling me how expensive they were. Then, when I bought one, he started telling me about the other expensive stuff he had and again, played to my ego. Smart. (No, I did not buy six thousand dollars worth of wine.)

Earlier in the day, Alexis and I walked past this jewelry store where we saw one of the most beautiful diamond rings I have ever seen. (No, I am NOT getting engaged,) We both guessed at the price. Her guess was sixteen grand. My guess was twenty-five grand.

We went into to look at it and, of course, she wanted to try it on. We were escorted downstairs to a special room. We are not allowed to videotape anything or even take a picture of the ring because “this was an exclusive, custom design.” (More takeaway selling.)

She tries it on and it looked amazing. (Honestly, I thought the diamond was too big.) We then ask what the price is. “One hundred thousand dollars,” was the reply. “Oh, is that all?”, I joke.

The owner then tells me he can give me a really great price on it. I’m thinking, “Oh, you’d have to give me a really, great price.” But what I say is that “I am not ready to get engaged.”

He gives me his card and writes down the model number of the ring BUT even better, he asks for my name, phone number and email address. Super, super smart. (Are you getting that information from all of your prospects?)

Both the wine shop and the jewelry store have been in business, in a super competitive environment because they have great products but, more importantly, they know how to sell. if you want an instant boost in your profits, master the art of selling.

Okay, gonna write some copy now and then I’m off to lunch. I’m looking forward to seeing what wonders await me.

Have a great weekend, mi amigo.

Kick butt, make mucho dee-nero!

~Dave Dee

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  1. Hi Dave,
    Excellent sales observations with the cigars and the jewels…

    Did you see “Bushman”- the guy who acts like a bush, hiding behind some branches he’s holding and he jumps out from behind them and grunts, scaring unsuspecting people walking by? (He was over by Ghiradelli when we saw him)…

    Hope your business is good, I’m about to take the leap into Info Publishing myself!

    Rob Northrup

  2. I love San Francisco. Also, I really liked the concrete, real-world examples of masterful selling techniques.

  3. Hello, how are you going? My name is Christina and I live in Australia. I just wanted to say thanks for your blog posts, I do enjoy reading them a lot. It sure is sad about the homeless people, they shouldn’t be there, but I read an interview with a homeless person once, and he said that the depression keeps them there. He said that technically, he knew that he was living in a relatively lucky country and that he shouldn’t be homeless, but that it’s hard to get up and keep pushing ahead when nobody cares he said. He said that often all that is needed is for someone to open the door for them, and then they are able to lift themselves out of the trouble they are in. Like a little boost, a helping hand. It’s like when you are sick, you just can’t muster up the strength to do anything,or even get up, you just want to lay down and be tired, until your Mum comes in with a cup of tea, and then you’re right. By the way here’s an excellent tip from a girl (me)- be careful when you go out trying on rings with a girl- you might know youre not ready to get engaged but try teling that to a girl who is trying on a ring. Just thought Id let you know so you don’t get into trouble later 😉

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