Texas Chainsaw Marketing

Yesterday, I continued my son’s horror movie education by watching the classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre with him.

Although this isn’t the most “socially redeeming” film of all time, it is extremely well directed by Tobe Hooper.

As my son will attest to, the movie does have an impact on you. Through the use of sound, camera angles, editing, set design and cinematography, you are transported to a hellish “reality.”  (Why someone would want to experience this is a whole other topic in and of itself.)

Many people consider Texas Chainsaw Massacre to be one on of the most violent films of all time. Well, guess what…there is very little blood and guts.  AND, you never see actually see any of of the “chainsaw” violence.  Just like Hitchcock’s famous Psycho, the violence is implied through editing.

To call this movie “subtle” might seem misplaced but that is beauty of it. This subtleness is lost on most of today’s’ horror movie makers who opt for graphic violence for shock effect. And it’s the same for the vast majority of who I  call “hack marketers and salespeople.”

“Hack marketers and salespeople” beat you over the head to try to sell you their products. There is no subtleness to anything they do.

They’re  still using arm-twisting closing techniques from the 1950’s. They have their “rebuttals” lying in wait ready to to pounce and destroy their prospects objections. They use cringe-worthy canned phrases designed to manipulate and coerce people into buying.

Those are the folks that give selling a bad name and make many entrepreneurs believe that they don’t like selling or find it “beneath” them. But here’s the thing my fine feathered friend:

Selling does not and should not be that way. And, more importantly, learning how to sell is the single most important skill you can master regardless of what you’re business is. When you learn how to close more sales, you automatically give yourself a pay raise without increasing any of your expenses. Think about that for a minute.

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Happy Halloween, kemosabe!

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “I love good horror movies” Dee