Test Your Knowledge: Pop Quiz!

Happy Friday!

Today Professor Dee has a pop quiz that’ll test you’re marketing savvy and know how.

Take a minute to answers the 6 questions below to see how much you *really* know about marketing your business. (You may just be surprised!)

Pop Marketing Quiz

1. Every month you do not contact your customers:

a. You lose 1% of them. b. You lose 5% of them. c. You lose 8% of them. d. You lose 10% of them.

2. Recent surveys have concluded that the reason people stop patronizing a business is:

a. No reason b. They find a competitor they like better. c. They moved away. d. They had complaints and were not taken care of

3. The biggest competitive advantage you have is:

a. Having the best product or service. b. To profitably be able to spend more to get a customer. c. Having the best prices. d. Having a great location.

4. Which one of the following is NOT an advertising mega-mistake:

a. Brand/Image Building. b. Using more graphics than sales copy. c. Single reason for response. d. No call to action.

5. What is the question your Unique Selling Proposition must answer?

6. To instantly create a cash flow surge you should:

a. Spend less on your advertising. b. Raise your prices. c. Mail a special offer to your customers. d. Work harder at getting leads and customers.

That’s it! The answers to the quiz are coming tomorrow.

Kick Butt, make mucho dee-nero!

~Dave Dee

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