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Super cool hypnotic sales technique

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Today, I ‘m going to continue my lazy ways by reprinting a KILLER article I wrote about how hypnotic language patterns. This is good stuff!

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The Secrets To Hypnotic Language, Subliminal Suggestion, And Non-Verbal Communication…Revealed!

By Dave Dee
Many salespeople consider hypnotic language patterns and subliminal suggestions to be some of the most powerful and fascinating strategies I teach. I think you’ll agree after you finish reading this lesson.

So what exactly is hypnotic language?

It is language that bypasses conscious thought and goes directly into the subconscious mind of your prospect. Your prospect will have absolutely no conscious awareness that you’re trying to persuade or influence him.

Now there are literally dozens of utilize this devastating technology, but I’m going to reveal of few of them that you can immediately use.

*How To Precondition Your Prospect To Agree With You*

A good stage hypnotist preconditions his audience to believe that he has the power to put people under hypnosis.

By preconditioning the audience, it’s much easier for the hypnotist to actually hypnotize people during the show. As a salesperson, you also want to precondition your prospect to say “yes” and agree with you before you even start your presentation.

You do that by asking “yes set” questions. These are a series of 5 to 10 questions that your prospect has to answer”yes” to. The beautiful thing about this, as with all hypnotic language patterns, is that your prospect doesn’t even really realize that you’re doing anything. It’s very,very natural.

By getting your prospect to say, “Yes to a series of questions before you start your main presentation, you’re pre-conditioning your prospect to agree with you.

Here’s an example of how you can to this:

Let’s say for example, your prospect’s name is Ms. Johnson and she has an appointment at two o’clock. When she comes into your office, you would say: “Hello. You must be Ms. Johnson.”

She has to answer “yes” to that. You then ask,”We have an appointment at two o’clock, don’t we?” And she will also answer, “Yes.” You could then ask, “Sure is a sunny day, isn’t it?” And of course, she will have to say, “Yes.”

So again, by asking 5-10 very simple questions that get an immediate response of “yes”, you put your prospect into an agreement frame of mind and precondition her to say “yes” to you. Pretty strong stuff, wouldn’t you agree?

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~Dave Dee

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