Strange Ceremonies

I'm reading a book, titled "Strange Ceremonies" about a branch of magic called Bizarre. Although I don't necessarily perform that type of magic, I find it fascinating. 

The books title reminded me of a couple of "ceremonies" or "rituals" I do before I speak to sell, whether it's on stage or via online media. Because I'm a sweetheart of a guy, I will reveal one of them to you.

A couple of days before my presentation, I quickly flip through my Keynote presentation immediately before going to sleep and then immediately upon wakening. I repeat this process each day. Doing this I imprints my presentation on my subconscious mind and it works like gangbusters.

Not only do I memorize the presentation more effectively, my subconscious mind often makes connections I did not know existed and feeds my conscious mind with powerful things to say when I'm on stage. Oftentimes, I will wake up in the morning and have the perfect thing to say on my mind at different points in my presentation.

I'm beginning the process I just described tonight for the live presentation I'm doing on Thursday

If you have not reserved your spot, you should. You're going to get me teaching, demonstration and doing show and tell for four hours on the topic of creating the best 12 month marketing plan on the the planet. And it'll cost you nada.

You should watch this on two levels:

One is for the content. What I'm going to teach you has transformative power if you apply it. You will discover an insanely powerful, yet simple way to increase your profits AND, more importantly, how to remove stress, fear and uncertainty from your business life.

Second, you should be watching what I do and how I do it when it comes to presenting live. (I assume you're interested in that or you wouldn't be reading this.) It's going to rock, mi amigo.

The clock is ticking and according to the tech guys, bandwidth is limited.

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Kick butt, make mucho "DEEnero"

Dave "The Bizarrist In Training" Dee