So powerful, it's scary

There’s power in words.

Many business owners fail to appreciate exactly how powerful the words they use and they way they use them can be.

Today, I’m going to teach you a very cool technique from my Psychic Salesperson toolkit that influences your prospect to say “yes” to two unrelated statements, both of which you want to get a positive response to.

The formula for asking this question is very simple:

Ask a question you want your prospect to agree with but one that is not 100% verifiable and then, without pausing at all to let them answer the first question, ask them a second question that they must answer “yes” to. When they answer “yes” to the second question, they are also answering “yes” to the first question.

Here are some examples:

Financial Services: “You really need to act on this financial plan, don’t you? Did I show you the projected rate of return?”

(Of course, you did show the prospect the project rate of return earlier in your presentation, so the prospect must answer “yes” and by doing so they will be answering “yes” to the first question as well.)

Carpet Cleaning: “You really do need your carpet cleaned on a regular basis, don’t you? Did I give you our brochure?”

Real Estate: “Didn’t you instantly feel right at home when we walked into that house? Did you see how the wooded lot really gives you a lot of privacy?”

The key to making this type of question effective is to NOT pause at all after asking the first question. You want to immediately ask the second question…which is guaranteed to get you a positive response.

Again, when your prospect answers “yes” to the second question they are subconsciously answering “yes” to the first question and a positive response to the first question should move the sales process forward.

(As always, your comments are welcome.)

Kick butt, make mucho “DEE-nero!”

~Dave Dee

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  1. I’m working on my sales approach with clients and prospects. This feels a bit underhanded to me. Maybe it’s just me so I’m wondering if you’ve had any other comments on this? Would love to know your response. Perhaps in an upcoming newsletter?

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