So not sexy

I’m susceptible to it just like you. It’s tough to resist.

I’m talking about bright shiny new objects that promise to grow your business. We are wired to be attracted to new things. And because you’re a DEEmail subscriber, I can predict with confidence you enjoy learning new things. There’s nothing wrong with that, provided we don’t discard tried and true principles of success just for the sake of doing something new.

Sometimes it’s the non-sexy things that deliver the most significant results. W. Clement Stone said “Little hinges swing big doors,” and he was right. Small changes or shifts in what you’re doing will often deliver disproportionate results for the effort involved.

Take for example webinars.

Offering a pre and post-webinar handout can:

  • Increase the number of people who attend your webinar.
  • Get your audience more engaged in your presentation.
  • Increase your closing percentage.

And more…all in the same amount of time it takes to do a webinar that doesn’t include handouts. Same effort, bigger reward.

Yes, I understand that a Masterclass on handouts isn’t sexy-sounding – heck it isn’t sexy at all, but if you do webinars or in-person presentations discovering how to create and utilize handouts will increase your overall conversions.

Today at Noon ET, I’m recording my Inner Sanctum VIP Masterclass for February and inviting my VIPs to join me live so we can have a discussion afterward. If you want in then upgrade to VIP before 11:30 AM ET to ensure you get the access link.

If you can’t make it today, no worries because I’m putting the recorded Masterclass in the membership portal tomorrow.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Not Too Sexy For My Shirt” Dee

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