She kicked some serious bootay!

Oh, mi amigo,  el gringo Dave is one tired puppy.

Four days of being on stage speaking, emceeing and working with the worst AV crew of all time takes a lot out of you. If you've put on an event you know you are on a tremendous high with your adrenal glands firing on all cylinders followed by the inevitable crash when the event is over.

But this isn't about how I'm feeling, but rather how one of my students CRUSHED it at the SuperConference.

Kim Walsh Phillips is a social media marketing superstar who is the real deal when it comes to helping business owners generate new customers, clients and patients.

She is really good at what she does but, as you know it being great at delivering your product or service doesn't translate into sales and Kimster struggled whenever she presented on the platform.

But Kim is a pro and a student of success. She got my original course on one to many selling and actually applied what she learned. (It's not WHAT you know but what you DO with what you know that makes the difference.)

Kim does her presentation in the new way and lo and behold, creates a stampede to the back of the room with people wanting to buy her product. Her team of helpers was not expecting it and got a tad bit flustered. When the dust cleared, young Kim had her best all-time results and was numero uno in breakout session sales.

Purty cool, wouldn't you say?

Afterwards, while celebrating with a cocktail, Kim reminded me a killer technique she used to start the rush to the back of the room. Namely, she did not hand out order forms but had the audience members go to the back of the room to get the order form.

What's neat about that, is that anyone who is even mildly interested gets out of their seat and heads towards the back thus creating the impression that the product is very in demand. This, coupled with a limited number bonus creates a sense of urgency and gets more people to act.

Does this mean you should always have your order forms in the back of the room and never hand them out? No. More often and not I do hand them out because I use them as an engagement device. All of this is explain in my course which will be released soon.

Congrats though and big props to Kim for kicking some serious bootay. 

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave Dee

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