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Sayonara amigo

In yesterday’s post, I talked to you about how the customer isn’t always right and how neediness on your part will kill the sale.

The question your fearless leader will answer today is, “But, Dave, what if I really do need the sale.”

Let me tell you a story.

When I quit my gig at the former GKIC, I did it without a safety net. I had a small neglected email list, one older product to sell, and my reputation. I had no severance pay or unemployment because I was the person who said, “Synornara amigo” to the company. Yep, Dr. Dee was starting from scratch.

Because I needed to start generating DEEnero immediately, I decided to start a business selling professional services, namely designing sales campaigns and product launches. To get prospects coming in, I took massive action. It was massive action that took me from a struggling as a magician to successful in ninety-days, so I had confidence that plan works.

Soon, I got a call from a prominent information marketer, who was interested in my services. Since his office was in Atlanta, I set up an in-person meeting with him. As we talked in his large conference room, I followed with precision my Consultations That Close process. Since what I was proposing was complicated, I didn’t try to close the sale. Instead, I said I would put together different package options for him to choose.

Notice, I did NOT say I would put together a “proposal.” That would indicate that there would be room for negotiation. Plus, the word “proposal” has a needy feel built into it. No. I told him I would email him “package options.”

I created three options and sent them to him, letting him know that I could only accept one new client at a time. That was true because his project would be significant. I didn’t hear from him for about a week. So I followed up with an email that said, “I’m checking in to make sure you received the email and let me know whether you want to move forward or not.” He contacted me that day and invested in the biggest package, which was $30,000.”

Understand that I needed to make DEEnero, but I didn’t act needy. BIG DIFFERENCE, kemosabe. Here’s why:

  1. I have confidence in myself to produce results when I need to. (You can develop that feeling if you don’t have it.)
  2. Because I took massive action, I knew that other opportunities would present themselves. So, even though it would be sweet to land a whale, it wasn’t my only option.
  3. I followed my process, which bred confidence because I knew precisely where I was going and the steps to get there.

If all three of those elements aren’t firing on all cylinders, neediness can rear its ugly head and kill the sale.

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Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Lots To Chew On In The Post” Dee

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