[Speed Closing] How I closed a 12K deal in 5 minutes

Gather round the fire and let me share with you my “speed closing” technique that’ll help you close sales faster and easier.

Last week, in between speaking at seminar, I closed a 12k sale in the hallway in literally 5 minutes. Want to know the “ninja” secret? Preconditioning and questions.

The prospect had been watching me speak for two-days and knew I was the real deal. She was preconditioned to like and trust me. You need to accomplish the same thing before you ever meet with your prospect. It doesn’t have to be at a seminar – that’s just the tactic. The principle is preconditioning.

When I talked to her in the hallway, she wasn’t sure about whether or not to join the coaching program.

Most people trying to close would have started telling her about all the features and benefits of the program. If they were a bit more sophisticated they might have future-paced the prospect’s outcome that would occur from joining the coaching program. That’s not what your fearless leader did, not by a long shot.

I asked her a series of three questions. These three questions made her thinking deeply about why she wanted to join. They brought up the emotional reasons for her. I use these three questions in every sales presentation I do. They are magical.

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Dave “Quick Closer” Dee