Rockstars, baby, rockstars

The Beatles, The Stones, Springsteen and…

Drumroll please…

Rollett and Rahm.

Who, you ask?

Greg Rollett and Julie Rahm – two of my customers who just rocked the house with their one-to-many sales presentations.

Greg sent me an email telling me he used my system and sold $50,0000 from the stage at the GKIC SuperConference.

Julie emailed me yesterday with this: “Wanted to let you know…I used the ideas from the Six Figures training to sell an online class I’m starting today. The list I used is a “warm” one. 45% of the prospects signed up. Imagine the results when I implement all of the training!”

What you don’t know is that both of these rockstars just recently invested in The Ultimate Webinar & Speaking Sales Machine. They didn’t work on it for months and months. They followed the system, took immediate action and got results.


If you’re not doing webinars or speaking to sell, you’re missing the boat. Almost EVERY business on the planet can use my one-to-many selling system to make money.

Dentists, Chiropractors, MD’s, Lawyers should be doing in office seminars at least once a month on specialized topics.

If you’re a coach or consultant, you’re out of your mind if you aren’t speaking to sell.

B to B business owners should be doing educational presentations for their clients and prospects at trade events and/or the day before a big trade event. (And if you have to pitch to groups to sell, my system will skyrocket your closing percentage.)

EVERY business owner on the planet should have a webinar online either to sell their product, as part of their funnel to sell their product, to make appointments, to establish positioning,  and on and on.

Selling one to one is fine and you need to be good at it but at some point you and your business need to graduate from playing in tiny clubs to playing to arenas.

There is NOTHING you can do that will generate more income faster than speaking to sell or doing a kick-butt webinar event. NOTHING.

Last week, I invited folks to a small group coaching call I was going to do where I was going to discuss how to use webinars and speaking to generate leads, book appointments and sell products and services. I had to cancel because I lost my voice.

I’ve reschedule it for THIS Friday, April 24th at NOON ET.

You don’t have to opt-in, just get the details and add it to you calendar by going here:

Create A Flood Of Leads, Sales Or Appointments Coaching Call

This isn’t a fancy webinar but since it is live, we can actually chat and I can answer your questions and help you out.

Join and soon I’ll be adding you to Dr. Dee’s Rockstar Hall of Fame.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “It’s Only Rock n Roll But I Like It” Dee

P.S. If you are a CUSTOMER of mine, you should have received an email inviting you to a private webinar I’m doing tomorrow where I’m going to dissect one of my best converting presentations. This is only for peeps who invested in one or more of my products or services. If that’s you, I’ll be emailing you more details later today.