Respect My Authoritah!

As Cartman from South Park makes clear, you need your customers, clients, patients, and prospects need to respect your “authoritah” as you must respect mine ’cause it’s  Q&A day.

First Question…

QUESTION: You have said on numerous occasions that you were a fan of Jim Rohn as I was for many years.  On many occasions I had noticed he approached the stage with notes in hand do you think his talk was scripted?  I am hugely successful at my seminars and sell well.  I could never remember the material I have to present.  Do you think there are many exceptions for not scripting a speakers talk?  Thank You.

DAVE: You’re right, I am a huge Jim Rohn fan. You are also right that he brought notes on stage. And, yes, he had his presentations scripted for sure! He used notes and whiteboard instead of PowerPoint. His notes reminded him of where he was in his presentation. I’m not sure how you define “hugely successful” and “sell well” but I guarantee ya, if you at least script your close, your sales will go up.


QUESTION: I don’t understand how I can tell my core story because I am sell business to business. A lot of your examples are “rags to riches” type stories. I don’t have one of those. Please explain.

DAVE: Oh, grasshopper, you ask an insightful question but a misguided one. Everyone thinks that their business is different and that what they sell won’t fit into my million dollar presentation formula. The fact is it, works just as well in biz to biz and biz to consumer.

Where you’re getting caught up is in the pain part of the core story or, to use your example, the “rags” portion. You don’t have to have personally experienced the pain to tell a good core story. You simply talk about the pain your prospect is in, next you tell them that it doesn’t have to be that way and then you explain why and how your company solves this pain. It’s the same structure as if you are telling a personal core story narrative.

Okay, one more:

QUESTION: You recently wrote about a client who sold $400,000 in four hours. That’s crazy. I’m just getting started and would love to do that. If you help me, I’ll give you part of the sales. Can we talk?

DAVE: Gotta love questions like that and I get a variation of that question all the time. Um, let me see, yeah, NO. Well, that’s not completely true. My clients do pay me a portion of their sales AND a hefty fee upfront. But, sorry Charlie, the Deeman, ain’t playing the “if you’re so good, prove it game.” The ole track record is pretty solid. And why the heck would you want to work with someone who is supposed to help you put together a persuasive presentation that is supposed to sell a lot of your stuff, who would take a deal like that? Beyond that, you aren’t ready to do an event like the $400K man. Maybe you should start with something small, like a webinar. Just go on fiverr and I’m sure you’ll get someone to put together a solid sales presentation for you.

Okay, maybe your fearless leader is a little grumpy this morning because he hasn’t had his espresso yet.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Cartman” Dee