Recession Profit Booster #4 - Dave Dee

Recession Profit Booster #4

Today is the last day of our four-part series about how to increase your profits in a recession. I had trouble deciding what this last lesson would be because there are so many profit boosters to choose from!

But I finally decided and it is a damn good one if I do say so myself. (And I just did!)

Recession Profit Booster #4:

Repositioning For Profit

Here is a question I received from a subscriber,

Q: I am only 19 years old and I’m trying to get started, but some of my competitors are telling my prospects that I am young and inexperienced. What should I do?

A: Actually, before I give you my answer, you should know that this young man bought my course and is now averaging over 30 jobs a month and making about $5,000 a month. That ain’t too shabby.

Many of his older, more experienced competitors are royally ticked off at this kid because he is kicking their butt, making sales that they think they should be getting, and can’t understand why he is doing so well in such a short period of time.

Basically, they’re jealous, low lifes who have to resort to knocking their competitors because they don’t know how to market and sell themselves.

What our young friend needs to do is take advantage of the fact that he is young, use that as a positioning tool, and turn the negative comments he’s getting from others into a powerful marketing benefit.

Here’s how:

Reposition the word “young” into “one of the fastest rising new stars in your field who is in demand.”

When he is talking to a prospect on the phone, he can bring up the negative things his competitors say about him, turn them into a positive, and make his competitors look bad.

“Mr. Prospect, I’m fortunate to be one of the busiest in the __________ area. The main reason for this is that my service is new and exciting. Most of the in this area who have been around for years do the same old stuff that everyone has seen before. Because my approach to is new and fresh, it will really make your life easy.”

Now that needs to be worked on a little bit and polished up, but it is a good example of subtly turning your competitor’s perceived strength into a perceived weakness.

Finally, you crush the competition by using marketing tools they’ve never heard of or would never think to use. Guaranteeing the prospect’s satisfaction is a strategy that immediately comes to mind.

Those ideas are applicable for everyone, regardless of age.

Kick butt, make mucho dee-nero!

Dave Dee

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