Recession Profit Booster #3 - Dave Dee

Recession Profit Booster #3

The response to this series of blog posts has been great! I’m so glad that you are finding these valuable. (Don’t hesitate to spread the word! Send you friend to and have ’em sign up. Thanks. I really do appreciate it.)

Okay, time to get down to business:

Recession Profit Booster #3:
Increase your newspaper and print advertising result by as much as 500%

Question: Do you buy newspapers and magazines to read the articles and stories or to read the ads?

Sure you’ll read the articles and some of the ads if it’s for a product that interests you. But, when you make your ad look like an ad, you are telling your prospect “I want to sell you something. You can skip this ad!!!”

There is no law that says you need to make your ad look like an ad and look like all of your competitors ads. Here is the secret to boosting your response:

Format and write your ad so it looks like a featured article in the publication you are advertising in. Put yourself in the frame of mind of a reporter and write a glowing article about your business and at the end have a call to action.

Here’s the big secret:

Try to make your ad look as close to actual articles in the publication you are advertising in. This means using the same formatting and type-styles that are used in the publication

I guarantee you, you will get way more response writing “advertorial” style ads.

Kick butt, make mucho dee-nero!

Dave Dee

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