Recession Profit Booster #2 - Dave Dee

Recession Profit Booster #2

Welcome back!

Yesterday we talked about how direct response marketing gives you the ultimate moneymaking leverage in your business.

Today, I’m going share with you a simple and easy to implement strategy that will definitely increase your profits. Read it and then implement it. Don’t dismiss it because you think you already know it.

Recession Profit Booster #2: Collect the names and email addresses of your customers and create an instant cash flow surge…

Remember this: it is infinitely easier to sell something to an existing client then it is to get a new client. You must capture your clients’ names and email addresses and preferably ALL of their contact info. I am SHOCKED that the majority of businesses do not do this.

So how do you get this info from your clients? Simply ask! Create a free “Preferred Client Club”. Make up little pads of paper. At the top, put “Preferred Client Club” in bold print. Under it write something like, “To receive advanced notice of new products, specials, preferred client only sales and more, simply fill in the form below!” Then have lines for all of their contact information including their email address.”

Train everyone who deals with your clients to ask, “Would you like to join our free Preferred Client Club?” Nearly all of your clients will say, “yes.”

Another way to do this is with a drawing for some type of prize. This is okay but less “classy” than the strategy listed above.

Here is what to do with the names:

First, send them a thank you letter in the mail (NOT an email). Tell them how pleased you are to have them as a client. Make this letter warm and personal. Your clients won’t believe it because so few business owners do this! It will have a majorly powerful impact.

Also send cards for ALL of the major holidays. Trust me, the small expense is well worth it.

Second, send your clients a weekly email. Again, make it personal like you are writing a note to a friend. In the P.S., include a very light pitch for a product or service.

Third, periodically send them “Preferred client” only specials. They will eat them up.

Fourth, send them a monthly client newsletter (PRINT VERSION). You wanna see your referrals and repeat business skyrocket? Send a printed newsletter to your clients – you won’t believe the money this will put in your pocket.

Fifth, have special events just for your preferred clients. Let them invite their friends to these events as well. Hmm, do ya think that might drum up some business for you.

The gold in your business is in your client list. Start building it TODAY.

Kick butt, make mucho dee-nero!

Dave Dee

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