The Problem With “NLP” & Other Stupid Lies That Cost You Money

There is so much B.S. about marketing and selling on the Internet that it’ll make your head spin and and a lot of it comes from the NLP world.

I use some NLP techniques in my work BUT most of them are total crapola that have never been really tested. For example, NLP claims you can tell what someone’s thinking but looking at their eye movements. Well, eye-accessing cues have been established as B.S. by real scientists.

Then you have false wisdom that’s spewed by motivational speakers. I’m sure of the Yale study on goal setting, where they tracked graduates and those who set goals were wildly more successful than those who didn’t.  Almost every rah, rah speaker quotes this study. The problemo is that there was never such a study.

What about visualization? We’re taught that you should visualize what you desire in order to better manifest it. (Don’t even get me going about “manifestation.”) Well, scientific studies has shown that visualizing a successful outcome actually is a DEmotivating factor and results in LESS achievement. What works if visualizing all of the actions steps you need to take to get the result and then, of course, actually taking those steps.

You’ve also been taught to “think positive” and “change your state” if you want to succeed. And guess what? Being in a  powerful state will improve your performance but better than a fake pump-up is to know your stuff inside out and be really competent at what you do.

I get emails almost weekly where people tell me want to sell “X” because it’s really hot and they just know they’ll get rich because of it. My big question is, “What are you actually good at that would provide real value to people?”

A lot of the famous gurus  create products based on subjects they’re not experts in because they know a gullible and desperate public will buy them. I hate that.

That’s why my business is focused on a narrow but highly valuable area of expertise – selling lots of product and services. There’s no one the planet better at that or helping other people get great at it than Dr. Dee.

Be careful who you take advice from. Make sure your emperor actually has a closet full of clothes.

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Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Expose'” Dee