Phone seduction secrets

Last week in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I wrote about the first part of the dating system I developed when I was single and looking for love in all the wrong places. If you recall, that was about “lead attraction.”

Today, I want to discuss the phone seduction script I used when I talked to a woman for the first time and how you can use the same principles when you get inbound calls from prospective clients.

Fact #1: Most business owners lose more sales because of “giving bad phone” when prospects call their offer to inquire about their services.

Fact #2: Most business owners believe they have their phone game dialed in or don’t understand the importance of it and how many clients they are letting slip through their fingers.

I designed the script with two outcomes in mind.

First, I wanted to qualify my “prospect” further. The second was to “close” the sale with qualified “prospects.” (I know this might sound crass, BUT this procedure benefited the woman I was speaking with. If we weren’t a good fit, why waste each others’ time?)

Once on the phone, I asked a series of questions designed to see whether we were a good fit. For example, I’m a wise ass and wanted to date women who could give it right back to me. (My wife, Kalia, did that in spades and still does, by the way.) If the woman didn’t respond favorably to this “test,” we weren’t a good fit.

What questions do you need to ask your prospect to determine if you can help them and want to help them?

If I felt a connection with the woman I spoke to after my series of conversational questions, I would move into the next phase of my script, which was closing the first sale, aka, setting up the first date.

What’s important here is that I knew what I wanted my outcome to be and focused on only achieving that outcome. So, for example, I wanted to set the first date, not get married.

You need to know what each part of your marketing and sales process is supposed to accomplish, and don’t try to make it do more than that.

Entrepreneurs screw this up all the time! For example, they try to make their lead generation sell their product or service instead of just generating a lead to follow up with and then make the sale.

I never had a “prospect” reject the “first date sale” once she spoke with me.

No, you won’t get 100% of prospects who call your office to schedule appointments, but you can dramatically increase your marketing expense and decrease your cost per lead by “fixing your phone.”

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