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Personal and persuasive

This week we’ve been talking about using your voice to persuade.

It’s so vital that I enlisted the help of Inner Sanctum VIP Susan Berkley to teach August’s masterclass on the topic. Susan is one of the top voice-over artists in the world. She’s the signature voice of Citibank and has sold tens of millions of dollars worth of products on infomercials as the “voice that sells.”

Susan blew me away with what she shared. Here is one of her tips for making your videos seem personal and less stiff.

When recording a video, you’re speaking to a camera and not to someone. So unless you’re used to it, you will appear to be talking at someone instead of to them.

Put a photograph of someone you love in your line of sight, behind your webcam or your mic, and look at the picture. Doing that will make your voice seem warmer and more personal.

I’ve always tried to picture someone in my minds-eye when recording a video, but putting up an actual photograph is a HOMERUN of an idea. Try, and you’ll experience what a difference this makes.

If you record videos, webinars, or speak to sell, and you want to take your persuasion skills to the next level, becoming an Inner Sanctum VIP now, so you get access to Susan’s Masterclass on August 1st is a smart idea.

You can get the details here:

Kick butt, mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Love Learning From Masters” Dee

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