Part 2

In yesterday’s DEEmail, I covered the first part of the formula to ensure you have a steady stream of appointments with prospective clients: Neverending lead generation.”

Today we’ll dive into part two of the formula: Consistent follow-up.

The fact is that most people who request your lead magnet or call your office for “more information” are not ready to pull the trigger and work with you. That is because your prospective clients aren’t that decisive. The reasons for that include the following:

  • Fear of making the wrong decision or the unknown.
  • Not being in enough pain.
  • Not wanting to tackle their problem head-on.
  • Embarrassment.
  • Not knowing what to do, and more.

We can use all the persuasion strategies to motivate the prospect to take the next step and call a professional to help me, but they won’t do that until they’re ready. And they won’t necessarily schedule an appointment with you unless you consistently follow up with them.

You should have a multi-media follow-up system that includes direct mail, but here is an easier and highly effective strategy to get started.

First, send at least a weekly infotaining email to your leads. “Infotaining” means that your email entertainingly delivers quality information. Yesterday’s DEEmail is an example of that. I told a story and tied it into a lesson.

A truth that very few people will embrace is if you want to put your leads to the appointments conversion rate on steroids, you should send a daily email…just like your fearless leader does. But start with at least one email a week and have a gentle call to action at the end for prospects who are ready to meet with you.

Second, do one live master class (webinar) per month to your list of leads. The topic needs to be timely and be of interest to your prospects. Please note that you should do this live to interact with your prospects and answer their questions.

Ideally, you’ll have a series of different topics, but get started by creating one signature presentation and doing it every month and make an irresistible offer inviting prospects who are ready to meet with you to schedule an appointment.

How powerful is that simple strategy?

I know of at least two of my Inner Sanctum Elite Mastermind members who doubled their business last year to implement what I just shared with you. (That wasn’t the only factor but a significant one.) Why not you?

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Delivering Pure Gold” Dee






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