Off to Italy…and my biggest speaking gig to date

Karen and I have been busy packing for a two-week trip we’re taking to Italy starting tomorrow. I’ll be speaking on Saturday at a conference of over 3,000 Italian entrepreneurs. It’ll be my biggest audience to date, and the first time I’ll be working with a translator.

My topic is about one-to-many selling with webinars and speaking from the stage. What’s a little bit different is that I won’t be selling anything, but instead, I’m being paid a handsome fee plus first-class everything.

Wait a minute. That’s not correct.

will be selling from the stage. It’s just that I’m not selling a product or a service.

I’ll be selling an idea and a philosophy about a better way for my audience to sell their products and services. I’m using the same format that I use when creating a platform sales presentation, other than telling people to go to the back of the room to fill out an order form.

You are always selling. It’s the most crucial skill you can master as a business owner if you’re interested in increasing your profits and multiplying the positive impact you have on people’s lives.

That’s what my new Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIP membership is going to be all about – helping you master the art of one to many selling and, by extension, generating the income your desire and extending your reach. Membership opens soon, so you want to get on the early-bird announcement list so you get a charter member discount – which is good for a lifetime.

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Dave “Italy Here We Come” Dee