Non-compassion might be killing you

I'm going to give you one of the keys to selling that no one else is talking about.

Todays sales trainers are all hardcore "close the sale" types teaching you the newest tricks, phrase or NLP technique to improve your sales.

I am all for all that stuff too. As I'm fond of saying, if you have a product or service that truly helps people, then you are morally obligated to use every ethical tool in your toolkit to close the sale.

However, what is lost is all the macho "close the sale at any cost" chest beating is compassion.

Some people associate compassion with weakness when it comes to selling but it is one of your greatest strengths.

If you can't associate to and really feel what your prospect is feeling, then you will have a difficult time closing the sale and a nearly impossible time KEEPING your customer for the long term.

Compassion doesn't mean being wimpy when closing the sale or giving away your advice or product for free to everyone with a sob story. 

Having compassion means understanding the pains, fears and what keeps your prospect up at night so you can help them solve their problems by selling them your product or service.

Compassion makes you a stronger sales person and human being.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave "The Sales Truth Teller" Dee