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Neil Young vs. Joe Rogan

Musician Neil Young told Spotify that either they dump superstar podcast host Joe Rogan over what Young said was misinformation about the virus or remove his music from the streaming service.

“They can have Rogan or Young. Not both,” the singer wrote in an open letter to Spotify on his website.

Spotify decided to remove his music.

Other than I applaud Spotify for not succumbing to more idiotic cancel culture pressure, what’s my point?


When you write emails or create micro-webinars around topics in the news, especially when there are celebrities involved, more of your prospects will pay attention.

With little thought, you can write an email about any topical story. Of course, you’ll note that’s exactly what I’m doing here. But let’s say I’m a financial advisor. I could take the same story and tie it in like this:

“So while Neil Young won’t be getting royalties from Spotify, don’t cry a river for him because he just sold his music catalog for an astonishing $150,000,000.

By the way, unless you’re about to get that kind of cash payout, you need to have a plan for your retirement…”

Easy. Peezy. Sneezy.

Kick butt, mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Rocking In The Free World” Dee

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