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My wife’s doughy hands secret of success

My wife and business partner, Karen, spent hours the other day making challah bread.

Her apron was covered in flour, and her hands were caked with sticky dough. After she finally put it in the oven, she told me how sore her hands and forearms were from the kneading. (We don’t have a bread maker, so she made it from scratch, old-school.)

That was her second try at making challah. The first batch was undercooked a little. The second batch, she thinks, was overcooked. I myself think its really good!

The point is you’re not going to become a master the first time you try anything new. For example, the first time you do a new presentation won’t be as good as the twentieth time you do it.

With that said, you can speed up your chances of success by following a proven formula (recipe) created by someone who has gotten the results you desire over and over again. I want to learn how to cook by studying with Gordon Ramsey, not the home cook that occasionally makes a decent meal, or has learned how to cook by watching Gordon’s YouTube videos.

Okay, time for me to have another piece of challah.

Dave “Keto be damned” Dee

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