My Nasty Benihana Experience

Stay with me, mi amigo because my little tale of dining woe does give you a key to selling a lot mo' of your stuff.

Yesterday, I had the unfortunate experience of going to the Benihana, a restaurant chain that sells Americanized Japanese fare. On a normal day I wouldn't been seen in this type of place, first because I don't like to patronize chains, preferring to give me money to local business owners. Second, because typically chain food blows chunks. (I once went out with an Italian woman who actually wanted to eat at Macaroni Grill. That relationship lasted exactly one date.) 

I went to Benihana because my youngest step-son had won a free dinner in a "composting" contest he'd entered (Kind of ironic because that's where the food belonged.) and he wanted to redeem his prize. 

I will spare you the gory details of the tasteless, pasty,  sodium infused meal, although even they couldn't mess up the two Kirin drafts I enjoyed, and get to the DEEnero making point.

A tip of the proverbial hat goes to Benihana for having a membership program that they encourage every diner to register for online. The hook was that you got $30 off your dinner on your birthday. It obviously worked because I heard the staff singing "Happy Birthday" to folks ad nauseam throughout the evening. In addition to the the discounted dinner certificate, you receive other bonuses as a member.

People love bonuses and "free" stuff. Oftentimes a killer bonus or set of bonuses can actually be the thing that closes the deal. Heck, I've bought entire products just so I could get one of the bonuses.  

Bonuses need to be a part of your irresistible offer if you want to maximize sales. And, yes, EVERY business can offer them. One of my private coaching clients was an attorney and in the month of February we turned her from boring lawyer to "Romance Director" for her town, offering a free romantic dinner for two to any couple that came in for an initial consultation. Worked like gangbusters.

Get creative and think about what killer bonuses you can offer that will help move the sale. If you're going to use my "dinner for two" idea, I know somewhere you definitely should NOT send them – if you want them to remain customers.

By the way, I "stole" the idea of turning the lawyer into a "romance director" from one of the copyright free campaigns found inside of "Magnetic Marketing."  Have you watched the webinar about this yet? Even if you don't end up buying "Magnetic Marketing", the webinar is a master class in one to many selling AND gives you actionable strategies you can use immediately – regardless of whether you make the the smart decision to invest or make a huge error and decide not to.

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Kick butt, make mucho "DEEnero!"

Dave "Maybe I'm A Food Snob" Dee