My most embarrassing pitch ever

Gather 'round the campfire and let me tell you a story about my worst pitch of all time.

I received a phone call from a famous real estate guru who I was recommended to by a famous marketing guru. He had heard that I did a great mentalism show and then followed it by doing a platform sales pitch for my "Psychic Salesperson System" and toolkit.

This was a huge opportunity for me. His audience was large and made up of trained buyers. 

The one caveat was I had to have enough product on hand to fill demand. This is smart because you will make more sales when the product you're selling is actually in the back of the room.

Me and my cocky self ordered a LOT of product. So much that it had to be sent on a pallet. "No problem. I am going to clean up," I think. And I started counting the money in my head.

Fast forward to the day I am presenting.

I walk into the room and it is packed with enthusiastic people. Perfect. These people are fired up to buy!

Then I see a poster gives me a sinking feeling in my stomach.

It is for a hypnotist who I know is a killer closer. He had done his show the night before and doing his pitch before mine. Guess what he was selling? Righto, a course on sales and persuasion.

Things were about to get worse. Much worse.

Tomorrow, I will give you the conclusion to this little saga. It isn't going to be pretty.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave "Horror Story" Dee

P.S. Speaking of pretty…have you watched the first two episodes of The Source Code, starring two very handsome gentlemen?